Think you know what Coronis has to offer?

National Brand

You’re joining a national brand that is now operating in Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and all of Queensland .

Largest Rent Roll

You’re joining a team that has access to Queensland’s largest privately owned rent roll, which provides approximately 1000 sales per annum to our team .

We understand everyone in our industry likes to talk. We also understand that just like Chinese whispers, the truth can get distorted from time to time, so if you’re looking for a change, we want you to know that we’ve changed and we’re ready to change your life for the better!

When you join Coronis you are not joining just ‘another’ Real Estate agency.

We have transformed the way an agency provides support to their team. We have evolved and now have a multi-faceted, relationship based and nimble approach to meeting an agent’s needs for stability and growth.

End-to-End Services

You’re joining a team of mortgage broking services, financial planning, conveyancing and property maintenance specialists who will look after your clients for you.

Game Changing Tech

You’re joining a business with game changing technology, refined systems and time-saving platforms that you will have access to from Day 1.


You’re joining a company who is flexible and focused on helping YOU achieve YOUR goals no matter what they are.

If your goal is to double your current sales volume, create an effective business unit, give you more time at home with your loved ones or grow an asset, we’ve got you covered and we want to help you.

What our agents have to say

Thanks to our two innovative business models you now have even more power to choose! 

Coronis Team-member

Coronis Now Partner

If you’re the type of personality that thrives off a dynamic team culture in an office and working with a leader that can help you achieve your goals, you can choose to work within one of our 10 Hubs throughout South East Queensland. 

If you’ve always dreamed of starting your own business and are the type of person who wants to work out of their own home but with the support of an established brand, then our Coronis Now model is for you.


Be remunerated in four different ways 

Depending on which business model you choose you can be remunerated in three different ways including;

Salary & Bonus


Commission - Earn up to 80%

Coronis Now Commission - Earn up to 96%

The path you choose is up to you!
Want more information on which is the best option for you!

Achieve your goals. Whatever they may be.

Increase the number of listings and sales you do each year

We have the training, support and mentoring programs in place to help you achieve that. Our Hub Directors and Executive Leadership Team are focused on delivering the support and training our agents need… whether that’s help closing a deal or compete for a listing, training on how to use our cutting-edge tech stack or grow your market share. 

Grow your marketshare and presence

From the day you start working at Coronis, you will not only have access to our open database with hundreds of thousands of contacts so that you’ll be able to start building your brand and your business up straight away. After 36 years in business, we have helped many families move around SEQ and all those contacts and details are stored centrally which we’re happy to share with our team and help grow their marketshare. 

Work smarter and let technology help you achieve your dream work-life balance

You will have some of the most innovative technology at your fingertips which can help take your business to the next level … or save you a lot of time which you can then spend with your friends and family. In the past two years, we have implemented ActivePipe, Campaign Track, Campaign Agent, Realtair, Pitch, Sign plus many more. If you’re not familiar with these programs that’s ok, our in-house marketing team will provide you with plenty of training to help you get on your feet. 

Deal negotiation support

Established database

Listing support
& mentoring

Marketing &
admin support

Cutting edge technology

Tried & tested processes

We've changed

2020 has been a year like no other and has forced the majority of the world to reevaluate their careers, their businesses and the way they operate. Coronis has done this too. 

We understand that the market and communities we’re working in today are completely different and therefore, so is the way we operate.

Our team has the flexibility and freedom to work where they want, when they want and create the perfect balance of work-life integration for them.. including 5 days a week if that’s what they want. Gone are the days of being in the office from 8:30am until they achieved a result.

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